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Fri, 12 Oct 2012 12:59:04 GMT | By James Francis
Massive Religious Festivals

Religious festivals

Religious festivals (© Flickr/Al Jazeera English)
  • Religious festivals (© Flickr/Al Jazeera English)
  • Hajj (© Flickr/Al Jazeera English)
  • Hajj, cntd. (© Flickr/Al Jazeera English)
  • Magha Puja Day (© Wikimedia/GuillaumeG)
  • Magha Puja Day, cntd. (© Flickr/dmitrysumin)
  • ZCC Easter Festival (© Gallo)
  • ZCC Easter Festival, cntd. (© Gallo)
  • Feast Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe (© Flickr/krebsmaus07)
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As Muslims from around the world prepare for the largest gathering in Islam, let’s take a look at five massive religious festivals that attract millions of believers.


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