Beijing for children (AP Images)

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If you're looking for a Disneyland experience for the kids while in Beijing, Happy Valley, in the south eastern part of Beijing should be your first stop. It features kiddie and adult fun rides, roller-coasters, character parks and year-round events. This huge amusement wonderland is divided into six theme parks, including Atlantis, Aegean Sea, Firth Forest, Lost Maya, Shangri-La and Ant Kingdom. There are also staged variety and theatrical shows on offer for the slightly older folk.

Address: Xiaowuji Beilu, Dongsi Huan, Chaoyang District, Beijing (located on the south east end of the city)
Entrance Fee: RMB 160 for adult; RMB 140 for student; Kids: RMB 80; Kids under 1.2 m: free
Opening Hours: 9:00-19:30 (weekday); 8:30-19:30 (weekend)
Telephone: 67383333, 67389898